Osama Bin Laden's favorite foreplay technique

2010-02-02 10:59:38 by MaddFlash2

Just uploaded The Newgrounds.com Podcast with MeatwadSprite. Luis is going to be on the episode this sunday at 7pm central time.

Go to http://loweryouriq.com and click on podcast on the top to listen to the latest episode.

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What do you think Osama Bin Laden's favorite foreplay technique is?


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2010-02-02 11:10:53

that video wouldve bin 200% funnier if he'd av played it straight.

MaddFlash2 responds:

Had actually edited it down for a flash I was making but just decided to put it up on youtube instead.


2010-02-02 21:29:50

oh thats funny i belived i for a second though..... i think his is downward goat... no no the upward goat is probly his fav.